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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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instagram. email i will never give you up. i'm watching you. bye. good evening everybody, the left wing national media is not continuing its anti-trump poster that many even republicans thought would subside following the election. now eight days out from the election, it is clear indeed that left wing media means to persist their attack on mr. trump despite the fact that he's president-elect trump and the national media has a higher duty that one would think of the
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people watchdog. reporting on all our elected officials and all the issues on policies that affect our country and citizens. we'll show you tonight of some of the negative and fiction based headlines that the left wing media is running. for his part, mr. trump is near the left wing's nastiness. mr. trump taking to twitter, "very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other serious conditions, i am the only one who knows who they are. and kellyanne conway calling it the best of the best. >> i am happy of how transition is going. from his perspective, he's been presented with any number of choices and he's making best
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decisions on anything he has and obviously, more choice to fill in the position. there is a steady stream of cabinet candidates filing through trump tower today. he's considered a choice for national security. and senator of arkansas, a harvard law school graduate and also making the rounds at trump tower, former gold man sack, investment banker, we'll be talking about this trump a administration and waiting for our ed rollins and randy evans. a lot to talk about tonight including senators of both parties sticking to the status quo.
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republicans voting to keep mitch mcconnell for their leader after the house voted to keep paul ryan. two politicians who are strapped to the donor class not as eager as ryan and mcconnell. again, not overly resistance either. our top story tonight, donald trump going about the important business of appointing his administration, top officials and of course, his cabinet talking to congratutory world leaders. jason miller stressed the president-elect trump is ensuring that the right people are being appointed to his cabinet. >> one thing important for people to know is that we are not going to rush and we are going to make sure that people are confidence.
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so how does the left wing national media style their so-called reporting. all of that as we just ended the first week of the process. the new york times headline an article with this amazing statement, firings and discord put trump transition team in a state of disarray. the washington post of this little beauty, trump pushes back amid signs of strain in transition. and u.s. a today amid reports turmoil. still, negative headlines and created forwardly propaganda.
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house republicans also have some sole searching to do if they are going to be ready to implement the trump agenda come january. we had notice here the entire house leadership and encolluinc house speaker paul ryan, i suspect just a fusion that they would not intentionally do this with a brand that has no equity. and nearly hundreds of republicans colleagues have followed their lead. it is almost as the house members think they nearly 61 million people who voted for donald trump and his agenda has given the house of representatives some kind of mandate. now, i am pretty sure they meant to use the correct hashtags. a reminder if we may to the speaker and his leadership team
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of the correct agenda hashtags for the mandate are these. >> #makeamericagreatagain. sometimes there could be some confusion. hopefully, we have been helpful tonight. joining me of political ward in washington on rare occasions on some what petty to the the -- chairman and former senior adviser for the newt gingrich presidential campaign and form era began, political director, ed rollins, great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> lets start with the confusion of the house of representatives.
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#betterway. well, they don't have to change their tags. that's the agenda they have to deal with. whatever agenda they may have had in the past, it is in the past. randy worked on the hill, he advised to speakers and at the end of the day, if your own party there with androgen agen have to go for it. >> what do you think randy? >> and i think they missed the message of the voters. we don't want better, we want best. we want to make america great again. we don't want to make it better again. that was the part they were confused boo i the whole message. it suggests to me that there is going to be a little bit of push back in the house. i think you will see the speaker and the president-elect trump not possibly be on the same
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paej. page. at the end of the day, the person that won this election is donald trump. that's the agenda that has to go forward. >> i was afraid there was so much confusion and i was hoping it was not resistance of the leadership of the man who got the mandate and that's president-elect trump. >> lou, i would have thought this was 94 with the contract of america where speaker gingrich that we got 100 days. the top of the ticket had androgen da a an agenda. >> this election win deep. it went into the gubernatorial races and legislative races and candidacy helped the republicans get elected. >> that's a very important point. donald trump turned out to have
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co cocktails and sitting there sucking wind right now because she chose too early disassociate herself from donald trump. and the other victims of the election of 2016 were pretty much in the same boat, were they randy? >> they absolutely were, america wants change and know that change is coming in and it is going to be real change. that's why we saw the breakfast states break the way they did. i told you that donald trump was dpoing going to win. the media echoes chambers. they think if they repeat something long enough and long enough that hillary is going to win and transition in chaos and somehow it becomes true. they had no idea of what's
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beginning on and of the country. >> i think that's true. you did call me two weeks before the election. this is one of those thing -- >> it does not matter. >> we were all there. >> i could not remember, randy. >> i remember your viewers all writing me saying, that's bold prediction. not really. >> if you look at what reince priebus have done, the rnc better deliver on the ground. did we deliver? >> you did. and i said on this broadcast a number of times and i am delighted to say again, reince priebus did what he said he would do and i do admit that i was some what skeptical. i was very skeptical because of past experience if you will. the fact is he delivers and the
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rnc delivered and for that, i say thank you on behalf of a great citizens and thank you, thank you lord. >> he will deliver the chief of staff and he will move our agenda. >> yeah, good deal. >> ed rollins and randy evans. facebook and google and amazon are among 40 companies. they sent an open letter for mr. trump asking for an increase for high skills workers. the nation needs just the opposite. i cannot believe those companies were not paying ateng tention a listening to mr. trump. some even had to train their replacements as a condition of their severance. it happened at disney and intel and bank of america and count less others and many of them
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technology company. >> fortunately, mr. trump has made tougher immigration policies a central theme of his campaign and putting the american workers and his or her family into a primary positions in his possess . >> america's first, that's a happy thing. we are coming right back with much more, stay with us. president-elect trump is building his win team ready to dream the swamp in washington >> we are awesome about to see and we'll drain the swamp. vice president-elect trump backing his president. conservatives uniting to defend trump, stephen bannon from the bob of left wing liars in capitol hill and in the media.
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president-elect trump to fire stephen bannon who was recently appointed. a letter signed by 169 congressional democrats. he became the platform of the all-right. >> bannon's resume demonstrates otherwise. bannon of gold man sack investment banker, mba -- he's a national hero. i am not sure if i can go that far but we'll see. >> our next guest, he's known bannon for twelve years. joining me now is our executive producer, of the documentary film based on his best selling
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book, clinton cash, it is great to see you here. >> thank you for having me. >> i love 169 democrats sending a letter off to change adviser and chief strategist and just throw the key to the white house to us. i mean that's idiotic. >> the guy that helped organized the campaign and help focus the campaign. look, i have known stephen bannon for 12-14 years. it is absurd, the suggestions that he's raised. i see him operate in hollywood and the context of -- and there is not a racist or bigot bone in this man's body.
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>> and i have known stephen bannon, i am going to say about 10 or 12 years. he's a first class human being. he's sharp and hardworking, i mean, although i think a campaign can test his ego. >> he's a great guy. >> no, he is. here is the thing -- even if he were not, he's the president-elect trump's choice. it is up to one person and one person only whether or not he says where he is. i cannot imagine a better choice for the role. i think you are exactly right, lou. here is the thing, the focus is so much on racial division, his view is on class decision. all the bad decisions is made up by washington and the wealthy in
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this country whether there is a financial crisis in 2008 or foreign military war. in none of those cases are the brunt of those bad policy decisions ever born by the elite. they are born by middle class americans and what frustrat frustrates -- the rest of us don't. >> that's right. >> and also, look at wall street. who suffered in 2008. it was ordinary americans with pension funds at 401 k's, wall street got bailed out and middle classes americans did not. >> i got to tell you the real reason i like bannon, like me, he's a damn populous and history shows donald trump demonstrated that is the correct direction for our history, the right side of history if you
6:21 am
will. and for him to be denied donald trump because of some sort of nastiness. when are they going to give out that he's the president-elect trump and this is no campaign. >> i fear we are. that's where things are headed. theyre challenging the legitimacy of this election. which is absurd. >> how about the idiots deciding to electoral. >> they don't like the results and they want to change it. it is ridiculous. >> you are a good friend to stephen bannon, appreciate it. >> president obama touring the metropolis. our president still has some difficulty coming to term of the
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a few thoughts on president obama's remarks went abroad. >> he went on that global apology tour and now he's on his final foreign trip with an odd itinerary visiting greece and peru and germany. before moving onto berlin, president obama stepped up his criticism of his soon to be successor. >> the next american president and i could not be more different faced with this new
6:27 am
reality where cultures clashed, it is inevitable that some will seek a comfort in nationalism or tribes or ethnicity, this impulse to pull back from a globalized world is understandable. if people feel they are losing control of their future, they'll push back. >> that sounded a lot like his famous bitter cloninger talk. this is not the first time that the president hit trump while abroad. earlier this year in vietnam, president obama, guaranteed the audience that americans would not make the "mistake" of electing trump. in japan, he said trump's proposal shows of ignorant of world affairs. that was not nice, was it? especially for a president who's been critical of his predecessor
6:28 am
for insulting him. >> when mr. obama running back in 2008, he accused president bush for launching a sad attack as he put it. president obama apologized for it and criticized this nation's actions while he traveled the world from france and turkey. he found other ways to annoy his fellow citizens. he loved to bow to foreign leaders to saudi arabia and japan and china. there is comfort though in times passing. 64 days until donald trump takes the oath of office. god's speed. the quotation of the evening, this is from the iron lady herself, margaret thatcher, if my critic saw me walking over the thames river, they would say because i could not swim.
6:29 am
>> trump's administration is taking shape. >> these are serious appointments and he's not the kind that's just going to hand it out to donors. participation is building as trump finalizes his a team. >> this group of highly experienced sky divers uniting to fly in the record books. we'll show you their incredible accomplishments and the video, that's straight ahead, stay with us, a lot more ahead, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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a shocking new report binds more than 70% of the radical left protesters arrested in oreg oregon. they were not registered to vote. 112 protesters arrested and of those, 39 did not turn in a ballot and another 36 were not register inside the state of oregon. 33 of the writers did actually participate in our electoral process. of course, they were protesting. one airport is fed up to these protesters toot k it to the net with this message >> you ain't no slave and you don't get your way and you are like a 2-year-old burning up people stuff and destroying the
6:34 am
street making people late for work. >> somebody was listening to him and millions. it is gone viral and as of right now, there are no election protests taking place anywhere in the country. it is early but that's where we stand right now and none has been planned as far as we know it. portland's new mayor elect joining city tower across the country vowing to remain a -- the democratic mayor of chicago, los angeles and minneapolis and new york and san francisco and settle, all came out recent days to say they'll do all they can to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. >> wow. we'll take that up with republican campaign strategist fox news contributor and pollster, lee carter, great to have you both here. what do you make of those
6:35 am
democratic run cities defined the rule of law and in particular of the man elected president. >> well, i am not surprised by the behavior of them. i don't think it is the right thing to do. i think these cities and elected officials, these people are making decisions to do basically, these are the same people that criticized republicans still ruling obama and they're not giving a chance to come out. >> now, they're protecting illegal immigrant and not their own residence with crimes rising at an incredible rate. >> protect the ill grants and get rid of those awful. that seems to be the story, what do you think? >> what you are going to see is a president who understands what it is to defend the american people. tlas boundary to our compassion. many of which are committing certain types of crimes and hurting the public and a lot taking place from civil and kind
6:36 am
of discourse and welfare of the city that these are now going to be things acceptable under a trump administration in some regards. you have federal funding associated with a lot of what cities request. i think you may actually see for once the words coming from washington that tells these municipalities and these area that is they have to play by the federal rules. >> he wants to enforce the rules. that's the bottom line. >> president obama in greece saying we are a country that meant to be watchful of and we might get into that -- that -- >> i got to say watching his speech today, i was so disappointed. it was more than disappointed, i was angry. >> the content or the gaps between the wordwords?
6:37 am
>> content >> he was here yesterday giving a speech calling for yuty and the next day he goes off to greece and he slams our country. i was furious. i think a lot of people would be, too, or are right now. >> i grew up as a first generation american, i ate peanut butter on pita bread, i love the fact that our country embraces immigration. as we saw the results, donald trump received more hispanic votes than mitt romney did than many americans. those here legally regardless of their affiliation do want to have a country embraces the rule of laws. we are favor of protecting our sovereignty and i think that's the important point to continue to make. you are not against immigration just because you want to make sure there is a legal process that is followed by and certainly our state of munici l
6:38 am
municipaliti municipalities. >> one of the battles i have fought across past decade ace national left wing media so if you oppose illegal immigration, you are going to be as president-elect trump as been, you are going to be hammered by what she calls the dishonest media and talking about him being against immigration. it is their practice and it is they think their prerogative to distort anyone's language and meaning and the reality. >> the media has done a lousy job to cover all of that. half of them did not vote probably because they figured the decision was already made. everybody says it was a decision done. hillary clinton is the next president and look at the cover of new york magazine. >> all of the things that the national left wing media says it
6:39 am
is wrong. i don't think i have been so happy >> thanks for being with us, tony and>> by the way, i have a that you were talking about some form of deprivation when you are talking about pita bread. >> my grandparents are lebanese. we ate everything on pita bread. >> america is grand. it is indeed especially with the pita bread. >> roll the video, please. a group of season thrill seekers flying their way in the record books of at least 130. >> adrenaline junkies, i am trying to count them there. 130 of them over the age of 40 pouring out a plane nearing 19,000 feet above paris.
6:40 am
that's one of the most popular places for sky diving, setting the largest formation by this age group, 40 plus. the previous record for 123 sky divers and topping 130 of them. up next, donald trump's transition team weighing all of their cabinet recommendations for the president-elect trump. john would be a good choice. is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know? [ laughs ] >> who will president-elect trump choose, ambassador bolton is joining me next and yes, his reaction to rudy giuliani . and now more reason to believe the radical left is engineering violence in the streets and demonstration of protests in the wake of the trump election. it turns out more than half of the demonstrators arrested in portland, oregon, share one
6:41 am
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national security experts
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urging president-elect trump to hold the obama/iranian nuclear deal. john hannah the foundation for defense of democracy refers to the group this way. >> "pro-iranian regime apologists that dishonest sold the disaster iran -- i like the way he puts things, don't you. >> the list includes numerous left media darling. john hannah did a good job with that. our next guest being considered, i have been told by the trump administration for the post of secretary of state and others. joining us now former u.s.
6:46 am
embassador, john bolton, fox news contributor, it is great to have you with us. i got to ask you first, when you saw rudy giuliani talking about, well, he thinks you are a terrific fella. he just thinks that he may be a little more terrific and he did it with a big, old grim. well, it is hard to top rudy when he's on a role. i must say, i have a lot of respect for rudy. >> did the ambassador just say he would wipe the floor clean with him in a closed door meeting? >> probably what i said, lou, i will leave you to interpret it. [ laughs ] >> lets talk seriously, do you know where and if you are going to be serving the president-elect trump and in what capacity? well, i am sort of old school and i think it is for the
6:47 am
president-elect trump to decide what he will do in god's good time and we'll see what happens. >> i am new school, it should all be broken right here on this broadcast. >> okay, lou, you want to be ambassador of mexico, is that what you are saying? >> i got to tell you, no way but i appreciate it, so much the thought. ed rollins offered me the defense that apparently -- ed rollins is a classic guy. >> he is. >> lets turn to where this transition team is now in terms of this job. there seems to be a bit of a pause here your thoughts as you can objectively express your thoughts. >> i will always object, lou, i don't think they're behind the pace of where they need to be at this point. i think we had a lot of
6:48 am
preliminary work done in the period before the election which is unusual compares to prior transition because of the federal funding. i think this is going to be the decision -- decisions are particularly important and i honestly believe that donald trump should take as much time as he wants. we got republican control the house and the senate, that's very significant and getting these personal decisions right and the most important thing that he needs to do at this point. lets give him the time to sort it out and put his team together. >> i got to say to you and all seriousness, there is something special about this transition and the names that are being talked about and moved forward in the discussion apparently whether it is priebus orban non or bolton or sessions and rudy giuliani . i think the american people are going to be very reassured that the president-elect trump is
6:49 am
putting people of this caliber and this quality into his cabinet are thinking about them to be key point of cabinet. i think it is important that he ends up with a team that can function together. the media necessarily focused on individual names. i have one in mind. the point is ultimately, there is only one president and he has to be satisfied that he's got a group that can work together each in there. this is adel kate matter and i don't think he should feel rush and take his time. >> ambassador john bolton. it is great to have you here and i wish you all the best and good luck. i know you would not want your name to be singled out there. it is a counter wait to the name
6:50 am
itself. you and the united nation and american enterprise seniors and a scholar and great american. does that do it? >> that sounds fine, you can call me your excellence. >> with that, his excellence, john bolton, we are coming back much more. >> follow on twitter at lou dobbs. up next, at least 11 left wing mayors vowed to keep their sanctuary policies intact. >> to be clear of what chicago is. it will always be a sanctuary city. oh, that's good because he cannot seem to guarantee much else about the city of chicago which is a flame with violence. the fight is on, mike gaegher is joining us whether they can
6:51 am
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on our online poll last night, we asked you, which do you prefer, trump's policy first or obama's. 97% of you say trump's america first policy. >> joining me now is mike and
6:55 am
rebecca rose woodland, it is great to have you both. >> what can i say? >> america's first and the president abroad talking about crude nationalism. what in the world is wrong with this man? >> you know it is funny, i have a friend who was angry listening to his speech and she says to me, what has happened? why is he doing this? >> look k wi, we have a new pret coming in and everything is going to come into power. my understanding is clear a and -- president obama was fairly gracious here in the united states, he really was and he goes over seas and starts knocking this idea of crude nationalism. just hunker guys, just hunger
6:56 am
down. what do you think the mainstream media is going to do during the trump administration. this is the president-elect trump. >> i am serious. >> they are hurt and they are mad and angry. move on. >> because he won fair and square. >> do you think they will. >> i think they have an obligation to. they are not there to be advocate. >> what about the news poll of the new york time and washington post. >> looks like they are spend sending everything telepathically. >> they admitted they're not going to advocate. >> they're going to be good guys again. we in a divided country already. donald trump is our hook just for unification to bring it
6:57 am
together. that is battle if we got to have it. thank god he's the president of the united states. >> look at the tone he's delivered already. >> i love that he's screaming, why is he denouncing bad things being said to muslims. he did. look at the stop it, stop it if there are people in his movement. >> not a single word from lesley stalls, 60 minutes. cut it out. grow up. beating people in the subway. >> that's a bully. >> i don't like the term and there is more suitable term. lets turn to this business of sanctuary. will the trump administration be
6:58 am
able to operate what the obama administration created which is more sanctuary with greater rewards as a result of federal taxpayers' dollars going to them. >> legally, the state do not have to listen to the federal government. but, practically speaking, they need to federal funding so you are going to be in a position where you have to negotiate with vice -- >> do you think he can get it done? >> i do, we need go back to the core issue. the core issue is not all immigrants and everyone who's here were sent back and forth and talking about criminals. >> law and order. >> the mayor of chicago stood there and said we want you to know that chicago is safe and what really -- >> really, chicago is safe? give me a bullet proof vest to walkthru the streets.
6:59 am
this is the dichotomy. president-elect trump will have to negotiate with these guys. >> i don't know about you but i got zero concerns about that. none what so ever. those federal funds will dry up so fast. the citizens of chicago will say enough. >> do you really think they are going to get that far? >> they are going to talk and talk but the minute their threat of not receiving federal funding, there is an adjustment. no one is saying, everyone is leaving the country and what is being said is they're criminals. they need to be removed. >> they did not mean it. they were just kidding. they were kidding. >> warm and generous person. to be continued. >> mike and rebecca rose, it is great to see you. much to look forward to.
7:00 am
we hope you will be with us tomorrow night. thank you for being with us tonight, good night from new york. . >> not my president! >> some people are really mad. >> donald trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay. john: others are thrilled donald trump is president. >> usa! usa! >> take a breath both of you, trump is neither savior nor curse. >> we'll rescue kids from failing schools by helping their parents send them to a safe school of their choice. john: choice is great! but a president cannot legally rescue kids from bad schools. that's state law. the president can rule on the environment, but what the


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